Get Your Bucket-Irrigation
Hardware Kit Here...

By: Herrick Kimball

This is the Planet Whizbang bucket irrigation hardware kit (click the picture to see a larger view)

One Planet Whizbang bucket irrigation kit, as pictured above, includes the following:

1— solid brass hose-barb fitting

1—large, solid brass washer
1— rubber washer

1—solid brass locknut 
1— 40" length of clear vinyl hose
1— solid brass "trickle valve" (it comes already installed on the end of the hose)
1— 7" long galvanized steel "loop stake"
1—instruction/assembly sheet

(You supply the bucket, the hole in the bucket, and the water that goes in the bucket.)

About The Parts Kit
These kits are crafted by me (Herrick Kimball) in my Planet Whizbang workshop. I hand-bend the loop stakes out of heavy-gauge galvanized wire. 

Solid brass components will give you trouble-free service for a lifetime. That can't be said of plastic or steel. My objective is to produce a product that will stand the test of time (yes, the vinyl hose will need to be replaced after some time, but a 40" length will cost you less than a dollar and can be found at any hardware store).

I feel good about selling you something that I've made myself and that is made to last. I'm sure you will be well pleased with this tool, and the difference it can make in your garden.

 Note About Shipping
These hardware kits sell for $18.95 each. I charge a flat rate of $8.50 for postage. Order any quantity and the shipping cost is only $8.50

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Price: $18.95 per kit 

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