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Send me an e-mail and I'll answer it when I come in from the garden, or the Planet Whizbang workshop, or from collecting maple sap.

Planet Whizbang is a homestead-based company. We do not have a business phone, but you can reach me, Herrick Kimball (the guy in charge of this operation) any time (even right now) by sending an e-mail to:

If you have a question or problem regarding an order, and you send an e-mail, you can expect a prompt response from me (or my wife, Marlene). If you don't hear back from me within 24 hours, I did not get your e-mail and it did not show up in my spam filter. Send the e-mail again, and/or try sending it to my other e-mail address at:

If you have questions or comments, unrelated to an order, that require an answer from me, and your question is short or simple, you will get a quick response. If you send a lot of questions at once, or ask something that demands a lot of thought or investigation on my part, my reply may be delayed, depending on the current work load and demands on my time.

If you would like to contact me by mail, that will work too. Please address all correspondence to:

Planet Whizbang
P.O. Box 1117
Moravia, N.Y. 13118

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